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More REAL FLASH drives this time VERBATIM

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Verbatim do a nice range of flash drives complete with security software for encrypting the content.

For all major manufacturers of flash drives,  counterfeiting is a real pain,  so far Verbatim has not been hit as far as I know,  but it is time to be on your guard just in case.

Some pictures of a REAL Verbatim, what to look for, and some test results of a 4GB sample using h2testw.

You should notice the size in GigaBytes engraved on the metal cover (shown highlited here in blue) normally this will be hard to see.  Additionally the device serial number is printed on the edge of the device..

If you see this EXACT number on a drive you have, then you probably have a FAKE!!

Test Results from H2testw

Verbatim 4GB Flash drive Verification report

Warning: Only 3809 of 3816 MByte tested.
Test finished without errors.
Reading speed: 19.0 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

Contents of drive after running H2testw

The CarryItEasy.exe  and the PDF files are supplied with the device. The other files are part of the H2testw program, it’s README files in English and German and its test blocks of DATA written to and read from the flash memory (.H2w)

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