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Rug pulled out from under my feet

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My previous post on how to make money on ebay  and become a POWER SELLER in weeks was intended to be a foreword to the investigation report on the setting up of fake bidding rings by  one particular seller of Flash memory devices.

This investigation has been going on for 3 weeks since the beginning of August 2009.  A large amount of data has been collected on the bidding process of 80 auctions for the range of items being sold by this seller.  Common patterns were beginning to emerge, common bidding alias across at least 50% of the items were observed, along with common timings, I needed to do another run of 80 to prove beyond reasonable doubt that an automated system was being used to shill bid or inflate prices.

On the 24th August 2009 I was ready to select another 80 samples for analysis, when all the auction entries vanished.  referring to one item in particular revealed it had been removed by eBay, checking the user details revealed the seller in question had been de-registered.

So, I’m afraid the report on this subject will not now be available, the collected data in graphical form will be retained for possible future use.  I wish I’d been alerted to this seller in June 2009 when they arrived, another months data would have proved pretty conclusively what was going on.

Finally, as this will be my last post on the subject, I would like to thank all those buyers that caused eBay to remove this seller, by reporting and leaving negative feedback.  Thanks to the sosfakeflash team and reporters for all their hard ground work in the ongoing fake flash project, though we may not see eye to eye over certain aspects and procedures, they are doing a wonderful job and need more help  from YOU, specially if you have purchased flash memory recently and have found you have fakes.  Remember h2testw is THE program to help, google it,  you will find sources for it.

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August 25, 2009 at 10:26 am

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  • How to get Top Seller/ Power Seller Ratings on eBay
  • Buy thousands of cheap fake flash memory cards and USB sticks.
  • Set up an eBay account, preferably in China (thought it doesn’t really matter WHAT country).
  • Contact a lot of your friends, trading partners etc,  get them open eBay accounts.
  • These accounts DO NOT have to have a PayPal registration,  they are never actually going to PAY for ANYTHING!
  • Start auctioning your flash items with pretty looking pictures of genuine items, starting at $0.01 and FREE postage.
  • Make sure all your trading partners,  friends etc install “sniping” programs on their computers to auto-bid.
  • Tell them to set their programs up to check bid status at Auction close – 4 minutes  (T-4)  and Auction close -2 Minutes (T-2).
  • If the bidding has not reached your decided level by those times, then your friends systems must apply bids as needed to set this level.
  • If the bidding has risen above the desired level (some unknowing REAL bidder has placed a bid) DO NOT BID.
  • If the item looks like going too cheap,  fire off bids at T-4 and T-2 as needed.
  • If no REAL bids in the last minute,  and bid level is still low, fire off bids as needed in the last 30 secs to bring it up.
  • If a REAL BIDDER snipes in the last 10 seconds,  DO NOTHING,  it does good to make the bidding look REAL and let some mug win.
  • Sit back and watch you sales roll in
  • Feedback timing is important, NEVER give feedback, or let your friends give YOU feedback, too soon, you MUST allow reasonable time for posting.
  • Many that tried this feedback building exercise got caught out by eagle eyed investigators by posting feedback far too early.
  • Make sure all your friends post feedback at different times, T + 5-7 days is a reasonable time, though YOU may post feedback on block as timing is not important for them, and only serves to make them look bona fide.
  • When you have sold 1000+ items all with this fake positive feedback, eBay will look fondly at your account and consider you for Power Seller status.
  • If you are unlucky to get a few NEGATIVES from REAL bidders that have discovered you are selling FAKES, don’t worry,  your rate of sales will soon make them insignificant,   and you can always make comments about the buyer “not knowing how to test these things”
  • If the buyers persist, you can always offer to replace the item, or even refund, in exchange for a change of feedback.
  • Enjoy your new found “Power Seller” status,  you  are ONE of the Elite eBay traders
  • Buyers will trust YOU,  flock to your sales like slaughtered lambs.
  • Don’t let your conscience bother you over all the lost precious data that buyers will experience, it doesn’t matter,  all that matters to you is  PROFIT!
  • All that matters to EBAY is your FEE’s
  • A Men!!

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August 24, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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Interesting conversation between eBay bidder & seller

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An interesting conversation passed on to me by an ebay member I warned about fake flash.

Member to far east seller silviajune (known to sell fakes)

Dear silviajune,
I ask you before please confirm this product will store without loss of data at least 15Gbytes of data
you did never reply before so I ask again, if you did not reply then there is no payment made.

— Reply

Dear friend,

I think we can cancel the transaction amicably.
Do you agree?

Best Regards

— Reply 2

I think you admit this flash is faulty or fake, not prepared to risk any ebay and paypal investigation, so you want to cancel.

from silviajune
I have cancelled the transaction Please confirm on ebay.

(-ebay notification)
Seller has requested cancellation
Reason for cancellation No Reason Given…

Personally I did not know you could cancel a transaction and give NO reason.

The bidder tells me that he replied to eBay agreeing to the cancellation, but with reservations, shown by strong comments about the seriousness of the level of fraud being perpetrated by the seller, that continues unabated.

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August 19, 2009 at 9:26 pm

What to start with and HOW to start

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Firstly: Welcome to my pages… When I know what I am doing, I’ll do something for real

Meantime: I am just playing with the tools (If you know what I mean!)

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August 19, 2009 at 8:47 pm

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